Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cycling Nibong Tebal to Kulim {6/11/2009}

The day was raining, but we never stop our cycling. We just pack our bags and start cycling. We going with non-busy road and its not main road and not also short cut. We cycling in Kampung Changkat, Kampung Permatang Ara, Kampung Lima Kongsi, and Kampung Sulaiman Ismail II. Today we done 55 km. On the way to Kulim we was saw many type plantation like oil palm plantation and also some birds. The day was very quite and easy to cyling. My twins younger brother was very tired so they stop in 10km after cycling. Not my only my brother, me too was very tired because my things at back was very weight so very havy to cycling. Sometimes changer cycle from my father.

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